Kicking off digital ads for the Reno 1868 FC

As sports season in Reno rolls around again, we’re looking back on an ad campaign we managed for the Reno 1868 FC last year, and preparing to kick off this year’s campaign. The 1868 FC recruited KPS3 to bolster team awareness and boost ticket sales to home games.

In March 2018, we developed a digital advertising campaign for the Reno 1868 FC, which would run through the end of the team’s season in October. Managing web ads is nothing new for our digital-first agency, but this campaign was a different beast. It had a strict budget, needed to be sent in flights, required immaculate tracking and the ads changed weekly.

We managed search ads and display ads for the team and delivered the ads according to the schedule of home games, turning ads on and off several times per month to adhere to the strict flighting schedule. For our display ads, we used the Google Display Network, which places ads on the entire Google affiliate network, and StackAdapt, which reaches sites that aren’t affiliated with Google, to influence the largest audience and drum up excitement, motivating more Renoites to attend home games.

A key to making any advertising campaign work is accurate and detailed tracking, or inputs and outcomes. Because of the variation in ad sizes, artwork and timing of these ads, they required especially meticulous tracking of all those inputs. We set up multiple tracking sheets to monitor the days left in each ad flight, the days left in the campaign, budget spent and budget remaining for each flight and for the overall campaign, and more. We also set up sheets to track the site traffic that each ad drove, the ad sizes and artwork, and ticket sales coming from specific ads, along with the differences in these outcomes from mobile versus desktop devices. Again, while tracking is nothing new to KPS3, the nature of the ticketing platforms used by the team required us to write all-new custom code for both teams to be able to capture valuable transaction data. In the end, all of this meticulous tracking allowed us to gain a very clear picture of our digital advertising efforts and their real outcomes.

Our hard work and tracking paid off. We were able to create all new reporting insights for the teams that they had never had access to before. For example, we got a clear picture of the very different way desktop users and mobile users used and purchased tickets to baseball and soccer games. We also learned what kinds of search terms and queries were more likely to lead to ticket sales, and which ones helped bring awareness of the teams. Our paid search efforts yielded a 58 percent return on investment (ROI) for Reno 1868 FC, and desktop paid search users converted at a rate of higher than 5 percent. We kept things running like clockwork on time and on budget.

We’re excited to work with the Reno 1868 FC this season to once again manage their digital ads. The 2019 season kicked off for 1868 FC on March 9th. To learn more about Reno 1868 FC and to get your tickets to the next home game, visit their website here.


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