Introducing the New

We’re really excited to start showing off a recent project of ours – the redesign of the University of Nevada, Reno, website. Through heavy collaboration with the Integrated Marketing team at the University, the entire website was completed (from planning to launch) in less than four months.

More posts to come detailing the project, but here’s a quick recap:

The Audience: Prospective Students

The University’s marketing team came to KPS3 wanting an “Ooh, ahh” website that prospective students would respond to. They wanted to explore emerging technologies and progressive techniques, providing their users and future students the best experience possible. We were stoked to get started from the beginning.

The homepage was designed to showcase the University as an attractive option for prospective students nationwide and worldwide. It highlights the excellent level of education offered by a Tier I University like the University of Nevada, Reno, and the kind of experience a student can expect to have. It also showcases the bountiful opportunities the University and our region offers students in terms of career development and actual hands-on learning experiences. It features HTML5 video and various interactive techniques to pull the user through the content.

Each subsequent landing page is custom built to get visitors to the information they’re looking for and provide them with a sense of all that the University of Nevada, Reno, offers. They’re full of imagery, color, and life – just like the campus.

At any step of the way, visitors can get in touch with the University via phone, email or live chat. The goal is to get prospective students the information they need to help them understand the quality of the education and experience the University of Nevada, Reno, has to offer.

Going Mobile

The website previously had a custom mobile template with limited navigation. We knew we needed to fix that. Throughout the entire design process, mobile was never forgotten. At every step of the way, we’d ask each other: “How will that work in mobile?” or “How will that work on a touch device?” We designed the website for four different breakpoints, meaning that it will resize the content for smaller screens and still provide the visitor with access to the same content as the desktop view. It also features something few mobile sites do: a tiered, multi-level menu. Visitors get a more fluid experience and access to the content they want faster and easier.

Screenshots & Video



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