Get to know Ira Gostin

Q&A with our vice president of marketing & client engagement

Ira Gostin joined KPS3 as the new vice president of marketing and client engagement. Previously, Ira had worked on the corporate side in finance and mining before starting 120 West Strategic Communications, which KPS3 acquired earlier this month. Ira actually interned at KPS3 when he completed his graduate school studies with an emphasis in marketing. So, let’s get to know our newest team member!

How has KPS3 changed since you were here 11 years ago?

In some ways not at all, and in others, it has changed greatly. Digital was in its infancy then, and while we did digital work then, it was not to the extent that we do now.

The culture here is amazing. It’s a nurturing, welcoming environment designed to bring out the best in each of us. I’m still getting to know everyone, but it’s a great team focused on helping our clients grow and move forward.

The agency is so much bigger now than it was, but still has that small feel. We work as a team (two teams actually!) with common goals and attitudes. It’s truly 1 +1=3: we have strengths as individuals but as a team we really excel. Plus, lots of coffee drinkers and people that regularly smile!

You have been in Reno for over 25 years, what are two things people might not know about you?

Ha, there’s probably a lot! I love to kayak. Erin and I bought Hobie kayaks a few years ago and it’s one of the best things in the world. We love being out on the water – any water – but love Lake Tahoe.

One year, when I worked as a photographer, I had nearly every Reno event as a client: Reno Rodeo, Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive, Hot August Nights, Balloon Races, Air Races and Artown. I think that’s all there was then!

Reno is definitely home, no matter where our travels take us.

What community activities do you support?

I am the former board chair of Second Start Learning Disabilities Programs which operates the Newton Learning Center in Reno. Erin and I support The Children’s Cabinet and a few other local charities along with Wounded Warrior Project. I am also a mentor at the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno and mentor up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

You list Formula 1 as something you are a fan of. What is that?

We don’t get much access to F1 in the U.S. It is the top of the motorsports racing pyramid as the fastest, most technologically advanced racing on the planet. I have been an F1 fan since I was about 10. I was a contributing photographer to the Long Beach Grand Prix years ago and have been to F1 races all over the world. I’m thrilled that Erin has taken to it also. We are Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes AMG) fans, and Jackie Stewart and Mario Andretti are my historical favorite drivers.

I’m also a big baseball fan, but everyone knows that!

Describe your perfect moment:

This question has a personal and a professional response, so I’ll just say that any day with my wife and our dogs, and maybe the kids, is a perfect moment. There might be red wine and a Cuban cigar involved as well!

The professional response is that I love being challenged and pushed. Helping clients grow their business and move the needle is an amazing thing.

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