From Log(N) to Mismo, a Rebrand and Launch of a Tech Platform

As companies grow, their original identity may not be the right fit for them anymore. Companies can outgrow their brand, outgrow their pillars, and outgrow their presence. Jinal Jhaveri and Forum Desai, experienced entrepreneurs in the tech world, had the foresight to recognize that this is exactly what was happening with their company, Log(N).

Based in San Francisco, California and San Jose, Costa Rica, Log(N) had been providing remote development teams to tech companies since 2010. In large technology hubs like San Francisco, New York and Austin, companies that directly hire developers see turnover, on average, every eight months. By the time the employee is onboarded into company process and culture, they are already seeking another opportunity or being approached with a higher offer, making it expensive to have top quality talent. Enter Log(N).

The Problem

When Jinal and Forum came to KPS3, their company was flourishing. They had a great pipeline of talent and great clients. The problem was, their brand and public-facing presence no longer accurately represented how cool and cutting-edge they really were.

The Process

We started where every great brand starts, with research. KPS3 did a full competitive analysis, industry analysis, and customer analysis. This was through both secondary and primary research methods, including customer and employee interviews. After we had a foundation, we could then make strategic recommendations on positioning and brand pillars, as well as very succinctly define the audiences.

Mismo brand discovery

We agreed that Mismo had a lot of special qualities that truly made this company unique. The first, was their people. The team at Log(N) is a family, and the clients couldn’t stop talking about how their remote teams with Log(N) felt as integrated as their employees in their US offices. The level of integration and care was unprecedented compared to competitors who are freelance, pieced together contractors. Log(N) was certainly a unique experience for tech companies who needed to scale quickly. 

This all came back to the founders’ experiences, the familial vibe in Costa Rica, and the world-class, cutting edge tech talent that called Log(N) their home away from home. 

The findings from our research and discussions lead to a need for a new name. Log(N) didn’t have deep roots in the company, and we agreed that a new name and a new look would help Jinal and Forum continue to attract not only innovative tech clients, but tier-1 tech talent in Latin America.

After countless brainstorming sessions and naming exercises, the result was clear—Mismo. The literal translation is “same,” while the loose translation is “friend” or “ally.” Which is exactly what Mismo is, they become fully integrated team members so they are the same, they’re one with your company, they’re a friend, an ally.

With a name in place, we moved on to the visual identity. The logo, the photography, the expressions, the patterns and the colors. Inspired by the beauty of Costa Rica and the fun culture of Mismo, the visual identity became an exciting, colorful, connected expression of everything that Mismo represents.

Mismo Photography

The Result

The new Mismo brand was launched and garnered huge excitement from both the team and their clients. Check out some of the images from the new brand book, which covered brand positioning, brand pillars, audience definitions, brand voice and tone, logo expressions, typography, color, photography, messaging and more. 

Log(N) was the coolest, funkiest, most fun and reliable remote team provider in Latin America, but you’d never know it from the outside. Now, with a new look, new positioning and new name, Mismo is as cool on the outside as it is on the inside.


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