Dispelling Udder Nonsense with the Nevada Dairymen

In October, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Sierra Nevada Chapter honored us at the annual 2019 Silver Spikes award ceremony for our work with various clients. You can read more about our Silver Spikes haul here, but today we’re mooooving other awards off the shelf to talk about one client in particular: The Nevada Dairymen. Our “Udder Nonsense” campaign, which ran throughout June in honor of National Dairy Month, took home a Silver Spike in the category of Special Events and Observances, Three or More Days.

The Dairymen work to support Nevada’s dairy farmers and drive demand for dairy products. We created the Udder Nonsense campaign to reinforce this goal. The campaign challenged public perception of dairy nutrition and the dairy industry during National Dairy Month in June. The campaign dispelled common dairy myths in a humorous and light-hearted way while providing factual information. Although implemented on a shoestring budget, the campaign leveraged many community and media partnerships to drive regional engagement with the month’s activities.

The core of this campaign was our Udder Nonsense videos, which were used to dispel rumors and provide facts from dairy experts. We created four videos to address four different rumors: that chocolate milk comes from brown cows, that milk has antibiotics in it, that dairy farming isn’t a science, and that milk causes acne. Our experts included dairy farmers and a registered dietician. The videos premiered on Facebook and Youtube, one video per week throughout the month of June. We used Google Ads and StackAdapt to run video ads.

KPS3 pitched and released PR materials at the beginning of the month drafted and sent a media alert to announce the beginning of Dairy Month. We also pitched local news stations for an Udder Nonsense segment with Libby Lovig, LDN, LN, the general manager of Nevada Dairymen.

David Perazzo, owner of Perazzo Brothers Dairy in Fallon, hosted an “Open Farm” event on June 1, World Milk Day. The Dairymen and KPS3 assisted with the promotion of the event with the goal of having 100 people in attendance. We created posters to advertise the event, placing them in local restaurants and coffee shops. We also promoted the event on the Nevada Dairymen Facebook page. Lastly, we sent out a media alert announcing the event.

We wanted strong community involvement for this campaign, so we partnered with local restaurants and coffee shops. We asked coffee shops to use special Udder Nonsense Coffee sleeves throughout June. We designed and distributed approximately 30,000 sleeves, which had different dairy myths and facts on them, to seven coffee shops across 13 locations. We also drafted and provided sample social media copy to each shop, increasing cross-promotion on social media.

We asked four local restaurants to partner with us for Dairy Month by serving a special dairy-focused dish in June. We traveled to each restaurant to photograph the dishes, created table tents for each restaurant to promote the dishes, published the unique recipes on NevadaMilk.com/recipes, and promoted the recipes on both Facebook and Pinterest. We also drafted and provided sample social media copy to each restaurant, increasing cross-promotion.

Lastly, we partnered with local influencers. We worked with a local food-and-beverage-focused social media influencer, Debbie McCarthy from About Town Deb, for added social media promotion. Debbie traveled to sample and photograph the dish and interview the chefs at each location. Debbie posted her interviews with the chefs, as well as photos and reviews about the dishes. Debbie also wrote and published a blog post recap of Dairy Month, including all special dairy dish recipes, on her website, AboutTownDeb.com. We also ran a sponsored post package with the Reno Dad’s blog. 

This myth-busting campaign helped us achieve and surpass all of our objectives. Through Facebook ads, the Udder Nonsense videos received 549,909 impressions with 1,732 video completions. Libby Lovig, LDN, LN, the general manager of Nevada Dairymen, was featured on Mornings on Fox 11 on June 3. We partnered with four local restaurants: Two Chicks, Liberty Food & Wine Exchange, Sassafras, and Slanted Porch. We partnered with seven local coffee shops: Bibo Coffee Co., Code Coffee, Lighthouse Coffee, Bike Shop Coffee, Coffeebar, Hub Coffee Roasters, and Swill Coffee and Wine. Also, approximately 300 people attended the World Milk Day event at Perazzo Brothers Dairy. 

Dairy Month was successful because of partnerships with local coffee shops, restaurants, social media influencer relations and dairy farms. KPS3 created the Udder Nonsense videos used to dispel dairy rumors in a humorous and light-hearted way with the overall objective to receive at least 1,500 completions of the videos on Facebook ads. 

We leveraged the videos to raise awareness of the World Milk Day Open House at the Perazzo Brothers Dairy, with the goal of having 100 people in attendance. KPS3 also pitched local outlets to stay on track with the goal of challenging the perception of dairy and to increase knowledge of the event at the dairy farm. 

Although the budget was limited, we helped raise awareness in northern Nevada and help myth-bust about the dairy industry to help local farmers. The campaign was win-win for both KPS3 and the Nevada Dairymen.  

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