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Web and Application Development

KPS3 offers full web design and web development services. We think first, then do. It is a simple statement that has kept us in business for more than 20 years. Our approach ensures that our clients’ big-picture goals are priority number one. During the discovery phase we use information from clients and research to establish the primary goals and objectives. Our designers use this information to produce wireframes, which establish content priorities and show the flow and navigation of the site in a more web-based view. Once approved, KPS3 will put a look and feel to the wireframe and present the design options for approval. After design is presented and approved, the functionality of the website will be built, and the client will be able to view and interact with the site on a development server (hidden to the public). Once design, functionality and content is approved, KPS3 will test and launch the website on the preferred hosting site and make any final adjustments.

Mobile Development

With more than 90% of American adults owning a mobile phone (nearly 2/3 of which are smartphones), a positive mobile experience is becoming increasingly important to nearly every audience. Whether it’s a responsive website design that adapts to a user’s browser size (be it desktop or mobile), or a dedicated mobile application, KPS3 is adept at working with clients to identify and build mobile solutions that fit their needs.


You can produce great work, but if you don’t measure its success it doesn’t mean a thing. At KPS3 we are constantly measuring, adjusting and evolving. We don’t rely on hunches — we intelligently interpret data, take action and transform our findings into tangible results for our clients. Our digital team can identify visitor conversion problems and fix high bounce rates quickly. Analytics is at the heart of all of our digital strategies, allowing us to move with speed and smarts.

While most people are familiar with Google Analytics, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Our digital team uses Google Webmaster Tools, AdWords, Moz, Majestic SEO, Hubspot and many more tools to ensure our strategies are performing at their best.

Search Engine Optimization

In its simplest form, search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving a website in order to increase the amount of targeted traffic received from search engines. With 97% of consumers going online to research products and services, and over half of all web traffic coming from search engines, there are few businesses that wouldn’t benefit from increased visibility in search.

We take a holistic, fluid approach to search, focused on providing the best user experience possible. Our strategies don’t just get our clients found — they get visitors to engage, act and convert. With the days of keyword stuffing and spam tactics long gone, we emphasize content marketing, brand acceptance, semantic search and organic link building to target only the most qualified traffic. Of course, we’re constantly measuring incredible amounts of data along way, allowing our strategies to continually evolve and improve in order to provide the greatest possible return-on-investment.

Online Advertising

Digital advertising exists in many different forms. We are experienced in developing search engine marketing (SEM), social media, display advertising (including web banner advertising) and mobile advertising campaigns. We design online advertising ads in many styles from static banner ads to video to interactive ads. KPS3 can develop and plan media placement for digital advertising campaigns to get the best targeting and results. Our campaigns include a variety of targeting approaches, including demographic, geo-targeting and retargeting options. We monitor and analyze the results to optimize your campaign and drive more qualified leads.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be one of your most targeted and cost-effective digital marketing efforts. We’re not talking about SPAM. We’re talking about delivering timely and valuable content to people that want to receive it. Like any successful marketing effort, it requires thought and strategy. We provide a multitude of email marketing services. We will develop an overall email marketing strategy based on your goals and objectives. This includes email list building, segmentation and targeting. Our design team can provide multiple email designs & templates, including HTML coding. Copywriting, editing and content creation are also part of our services, and ensure that you have a clear concise message written specifically for your target. And of course, we will provide reporting and analytics to track your email campaign performance.

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