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Strategic Planning and Facilitation

We can assist organizations in developing the process and tools necessary for strategic planning, including environmental assessments, competitive matrices, internal inputs/strengths/constraints and strategic priority setting. Our team includes skilled facilitators for groups that simply need assistance within their strategic planning process. We have helped many organizations set organizational directions, goals and priorities through strategic planning sessions. When it comes to facilitation, our specialties include brand strategy, organizational structure and building consensus within disparate teams.

Secondary Research

We often synthesize and integrate secondary market research to help develop and guide brand and campaign strategy. Secondary research can be a cost-effective way to get the information you need to develop effective branding, marketing, and digital strategies. It can be particularly effective to determine the competitive landscape and make up of your market. We’ve done secondary research with just about every type of organization, from hospitals to colleges. Whether you want to know more about your organization, your competition, your audience or your market, we can help develop and conduct a secondary research plan that fits your needs.

Focus Groups

We often use focus groups to test concept advertising, determine brand awareness, test messaging or to get an audience’s opinion on a complex topic. Having a skilled team is crucial to getting the best results from a focus group. We have a team of experienced researchers who help our clients recruit, coordinate and moderate focus groups. We’ve worked with focus group audiences of all types, from high school students to doctors, to help our clients get the information they need to move forward. Once the focus groups are complete, we put together a comprehensive results and recommendations report to help our clients determine their next steps.


We provide assistance in the design, implementation and reporting for research-based surveys. We can help with research goals and strategy, research tool design, survey writing and implementation, and report generation that includes key insights and recommendations. We implement many surveys online, in-house for clients, and also work with outstanding quantitative research tabulation and reporting partners on other larger survey methods, including telephone and intercept surveys. Our defining difference is our ability to take survey results, connect the dots for clients, and provide insights and recommendations based upon the marketing or business challenge or opportunity they are facing.

Eye-Tracking Studies

Eye-tracking studies can help assess a website’s usability by providing insight into visitor behavior. We’ve implemented these studies for many clients before we undergo a significant website redesign or when we’re considering functionality changes or additions. They can help you understand how visitors are looking at your website, what they’re focusing on and if they are spending considerable time searching for information. We use the results from eye-tracking studies to improve the user experience and increase engagement on websites.

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