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Our Approach to PR and Outreach

When people hear “public relations,” they often think of media coverage, but that is only one piece of the puzzle. In order to forge lasting relationships with your audiences and make sure your story is heard, every tool in the PR toolbox needs to be considered. We take a holistic approach to public relations, and provide each client with a PR plan that’s unique to their needs. Our plans could incorporate one, all, or several of the tactics below, it all depends on your audiences and your goals.

Media Relations

We have been successful in procuring local, regional, national and trade media coverage in order to help tell our clients’ stories. We know how to the develop the right angle and are skillful in how we pitch the media. We have earned a reputation among the media as a serious public relations firm that serves up news and information that is valuable to readers and viewers. We have also been successful in positioning our clients as experts within their industries, causing our clients to be proactively contacted by the media for comment on issues or stories relating to their industry.

Community Relations

We help build positive relationships and reputations for our clients and the communities they operate in and serve. Whether it’s through strategic sponsorships, event support and attendance, speaking opportunities, community group support and participation, or nonprofit work and participation, we can advise a client about how best to utilize its resources to develop valuable connections and partnerships.


Outreach is a unique service — you won’t see it at most marketing agencies — but it is one of our core strengths. Outreach marketing is all about building relationships with the right people at the right time to help you tell your story. Community outreach tactics can help make your brand authentic and relevant. The thought and foresight that goes into an genuine customer touch point is crucial to getting customers to take action or remember your brand. Whether it be a big community event, door-to-door outreach or a small group gathering, we help our clients find the right outreach tactics to meet their goals.

Internal Communications

In order for an organization to see success “outside of the house,” it needs to ensure that its players inside of the house are engaged and enthusiastic. A product of a successful internal communications program, employee engagement is paramount to a company’s branding success. We work closely with our clients to get an understanding of their internal environments so that we can develop – and often help execute — a successful internal communications program. For an organization to meet its potential, its employees must be in step and in balance with the mission and goals of the company. We help ensure that everyone is singing the same tune.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the practice of continually developing and providing your audience with valuable information, thereby building a meaningful and trustworthy relationship with them. Content marketing allows organizations to reach people in incredibly segmented and specific ways. Not only does it create brand loyalty and affinity, but it ensures that you’re top of mind whenever someone needs your service or product. People don’t want to feel as though they’re just being sold a product or service. They want to feel a connection to an organization. Content marketing can play a huge role in introducing your brand to people, making those people take action, and then, finally, in endearing your brand to those people, making them long-term (read: extremely valuable) customers.

Social Media

Social media is a valuable part of a communications strategy, and its potential is limitless. Whether you’re driving engagement, humanizing your brand, increasing awareness or generating leads, social media is a low-cost, high-engagement way to achieve your goals. We have helped clients reach and grow audiences with everything from an integrated social media and content strategy to social media promotions.

Crisis Communications

Crises are always a challenge and often overwhelm an organization. Many times an organization is reluctant to reach outside its walls to get crisis communications assistance due to anxiety, embarrassment or a lack of knowing where to turn. Obtaining expertise and objectivity (not to mention extra people) from an outside consultant can be very valuable, not to mention a huge relief. Our public relations team has a great deal of experience in crisis communication, especially in the health care and EMS (emergency medical services) industries. Some of our public relations clients that do nothing but use us for crisis communications when needed. We have the ability to know-how to take a crisis and minimize, if not eliminate, the perceived damage.

Event Advisement

Whether it’s for a media announcement, groundbreaking or employee event, we have the vision, organizational and people skills to help get the job done. We have assisted clients with events of many types and sizes, including stakeholder conferences, groundbreakings, media announcement and publicity events, community celebrations, employee events and outreach programming.

Media Training

Media training is an essential part of any expert positioning strategy. Through customized training, we help our clients understand what reporters really want, how to prepare for an interview and how to deliver a poignant, targeted message. With coaching and practical instruction, we teach people how to be in control with the media. We can help you gain the knowledge and skill needed to be a top-notch designated expert and spokesperson.

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