Vivek Bhardwaj

Web Developer

A Reno native who’s been painting, drawing, and designing since he was old enough to pick up a pencil

Vivek joined the KPS3 team in 2019 as a web developer where he spends most of his days designing intuitive interfaces and ensuring our clients’ on-screen presence is as stunning as it is strategic.

Vivek earned his B.S. in information systems from the University of Nevada in 2019—though he began his graphic design career way back in the eighth grade (and has been addicted ever since). His love for the craft led him to take a position as a web developer for both OCG Creative and Unravel Labs—roles that helped him hone his skills as a wireframe whiz and diagnostic guru. At OCG Creative, he was responsible for implementing a component-based template system that reduced page development times by 60 percent—and, at Unravel, Vivek maintained 25+ websites to keep uptime at 99 percent and above (impressive, right?). 

Prior to joining KPS3, Vivek worked as a UX/UI Designer at Noble Studios where he spent his time managing the web presence of nine multimillion-dollar travel-industry clients, auditing interfaces, creating wireframes, and quality-checking websites to ensure both clients and users got the best experience possible. While at Noble, he also researched UX/UI trends to create a product tour that reduced bounce rates from 99 percent to 95 percent (seriously, you go, Vivek). 

When he’s not in our offices happily huddled over a keyboard, you can find Vivek working on cars (he’s had a passion for taking things apart and putting them back together since he was a child), coding for personal projects, working on his clothing brand, or playing and writing music. A golf newbie, he’s also currently taking a swing at lowering his handicap (but no promises there).