Tammy Abe

Business & Office Manager

Master DIY-er, expert gardener and self-proclaimed Bath & Body Works addict.

Tammy Abe joined the KPS3 team in 1997 from Silicon Valley, Calif. While studying interior design at West Valley College in Los Gatos, Calif., Tammy worked as an accounting assistant, a profession she continued after college. She went on to work in the accounting departments for Crain Cutter Co. and Williams Manufacturing in California.

Tammy eventually moved to Reno, Nev. to escape the chaotic lifestyle of the Bay Area and be closer to her parents. As KPS3’s business and office manager, she is responsible for all business and financial management for KPS3’s employees and clients. She leverages her multitasking and organizational skills to achieve unbeatable results in billing, receivables, inventory, human resources and health-plan management.

Tammy also acts to be KPS3’s resident baker and cupcake extraordinaire, and is inspired by a good creative day in the kitchen. When she’s not in our offices crunching numbers, you can find Tammy with her two children, Josh and Lexey, or out in the garden, flexing her extraordinarily green thumb (stop it already).