Morgan Dixon

Social Media Manager

A fitness instructor, nature lover, and proud cat mom.

Morgan Dixon joined the KPS3 team in 2022 as a social media manager bringing with her proven expertise in content planning, original content creation, and social media monitoring.

Originally from La Habra, California, Morgan made her way to Reno to attend the University of Nevada where she got her bachelor’s in journalism, and then later, would get her master’s in communication from Arizona State University. Both of her degrees have helped shape her marketing career into what it is today—giving her a strong understanding of people, key marketing metrics, communication styles, and of course, how to lead a team.

Before taking her role here at KPS3, Morgan was stationed in Portland working as the team manager for Organic Social for GTMA, a digital marketing agency based in Vancouver, Washington. Working her way up through the ranks, Morgan is passionate about teamwork, leadership, and consistently staying ahead of new social media trends that regularly pop up in the space. At KPS3, Morgan is most excited about bringing her expansive skill set to the team and making Reno her new home base. Kind, compassionate, and eager to work with bigger clients on social media marketing initiatives across a wide range of industries, Morgan is dedicated to developing her understanding of metrics and how she can continually improve upon them.

When Morgan’s not in our offices building authentic online connections and communities, you’ll find her working out, enjoying nature, or hanging out with her two cats—Marley and Floyd. A fitness instructor on the side, Morgan loves anything that will get her blood pumping, especially if it’s outside! She also loves to try out new recipes and restaurants, explore new cities, or go on the hunt to find some live music (she loves jam bands if you have any recommendations for shows!).