Kenyon Haliwell


A black belt in Juijitsu and code, he brings a level of precision to everything.

Haliwell joined the KPS3 team in 2016, bringing with him over 13 years of programming experience…which, if you’re doing the math, dates back to the ripe age of nine. As part of our development team, Kenyon codes stunning websites and apps on behalf of our clients—always with an eye toward enhancing user experience.

Kenyon started college courses at the age of 14 (after five full years of teaching himself to code), and attended the University of Advanced Technology where he majored in Technology Forensics. Prior to joining KPS3, Kenyon worked as a computer engineer at TnB Enterprises in Reno, where he further sharpened his development skills. He then founded KH2 Studios, a digital agency with a focus on web development, before accepting a position as the chief technology officer for Move Your Mountain, a crowdfunding website.

When Kenyon’s not telling our clients’ stories through his web work, you can find him behind any one of the 30 sets of wheels he’s owned over the past six years as a car-racing enthusiast. A Black Belt in Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu, he’s found that the keen eye he’s honed behind his screen also comes in handy on the mat. His ultimate goal? To one day live in New Zealand (fingers-crossed he takes us with him).