Katie Coleman

VP of Accounts

Finds inspiration in a killer pair of shoes, beautiful art, old films and anything both gold and gaudy.

Katie Coleman joined the KPS3 crew in 2012 as an account director, bringing more than a decade of experience to the team, including her top-notch skills in writing, strategy, planning, account and project management, public relations, advertising, events and digital marketing. Katie supports clients and their initiatives by acting as the strategic link between what KPS3 produces and what is implemented out there in “the wild.”

Katie earned her B.A. and M.A. degrees in journalism from the Reynolds School at the University of Nevada. Prior to joining KPS3, Katie worked at International Game Technology (IGT) in a variety of roles, including games product marketing manager, internal and executive communications lead, and public relations specialist. From ghost writing an announcement from the CEO to managing a Ghostbusters slot machine launch featuring actor Dan Aykroyd to hosting a corporate contributions-focused activity for hundreds of employees, Katie earned many of her “chops” during her five years at IGT.

Katie is most inspired by the idea of what can be — what an ad will look like when finished, what a television spot will look like once executed, what her life will look like in ten years. Katie runs on a good two-Splenda cappuccino, imitation krab (aka crab with a ‘k’) and buttercream frosting (usually not at once). Nothing gets Katie more excited than a rock-star manicure, preferably in the form of a stiletto nail (and, trust us, hers are always on-point).