Connor Goicoechea

Art Director

A self-taught designer with a love for nudging pixels, his borderline-hoarder guitar collection and making the perfect playlist

Connor Goicoechea (pronounced goy-ka-CHIA — don’t worry, he gets it all the time) joined the KPS3 team as an art director in 2021 bringing with him over a decade of design knowledge and award-winning creative skills.

Originally a self-taught designer, Connor honed his craft at the University of Nevada, Reno, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media and Human-Centered Design in 2016. During his studies, he served as art director for the school magazine and worked at a couple of local print shops, learning the ins and outs of the trade. After graduation, Connor entered into the wild and wonderful world of agency work, designing for a diverse array of clients including craft breweries (where he definitely got free samples), trendy up-and-coming districts, luxury mountain resorts, and hidden-gem travel destinations.

With all that diverse knowledge in hand, Connor started his own freelance business, catering to businesses with a shared eye for quality and a commitment to standing out (thanks to his exciting design work that consists of a healthy dose of rock’n’roll attitude).

With a detail-driven eye and a noticeable excitement for the phrase, “font pairing,” Connor expertly bolsters brands with a clean and clever visual style, and at KPS3, will be working to ensure that all of our clients and their visual representations are as cohesive as possible.

When he’s not compulsively kerning type back and forth, you’ll find Connor playing music, trying out a new recipe, catching up on trash tv or virtually crate-digging to make the perfect playlist. He is also a go-to resource for craft beer recommendations, a passion he affectionately calls “market research.” He’s always down to get a level 5+ spicy drunken noodles at Moo Dang if you get one, too. His last name is long, basque and he couldn’t spell it himself until grade school, so he doesn’t blame anyone else if they can’t say or spell it either.

P.S. He’s also looking for a Dungeons & Dragons group that will put up with his charmingly irritating bard.