Chrisie Yabu promoted to vice president, public relations

KPS3 is thrilled to announce that Chrisie Yabu has been promoted to vice president of public relations. She will oversee the strategic communications and public relations efforts for the organization.

Yabu joined KPS3 in 2014 as a senior account director and continued to excel in her role by facilitating clients’ strategic communications and marketing needs by acting as both their advisor and their strategic partner. In 2016, she was elevated to senior director of national public relations, where she oversaw and directed national and local strategic communications and public relations efforts. With nearly 25 years of experience, Yabu has developed award-winning programs and campaigns on local and national scales, including a national Silver Anvil Award awarded by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

“Chrisie is a seasoned strategic communications leader,” said Rob Gaedtke, KPS3 president and CEO. “It is an area of marketing that has changed dramatically in the past decade. Her division has experienced significant growth thanks to her vision and has expanded into content creation, social media, influencer management and more. Her continued push to integrate strategic communications with our search and analytics offerings has helped drive greater results for our clients.”

Yabu started her career at the Phelps Agency in southern California, allowing her to work with clients like Bushnell Performance Optics, World Shoe Association, Panasonic and Crystal Cruises. Yabu continued her journey in Reno, where she joined gustin/curtis and worked with local clients. She then moved to IGT, where she worked as the integrated marketing communications manager, leading the organization’s advertising and PR agencies. She then joined the team at Monarch Casino & Resort, Inc. as the corporate executive director of marketing.

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