Branding Vaccines for Children

The Nevada Vaccines for Children (VFC) program never had the necessary resources to effectively promote and educate the community about why and where to get vaccines for children. But in late 2013, Immunize Nevada received a grant to get the word out about this program across the state. KPS3 was brought in to give VFC an identity and strategically market the program.

Designed to provide vaccines to children whose parents or guardians may not be able to afford them, VFC is one of the least known, yet most important resources in the state. Vaccines protect babies, young children and adolescents from a variety of diseases, and VFC is a benefit that’s available until a child turns 19.

The Execution

We began with the identity and branding of the program. As with any identity and branding project, KPS3 created a strategic brief for VFC that outlined the program’s purpose and goals, the target audiences, budget, and potential executions. Using this information, our design team developed different look and feels, logos and color options that would resonate with the primary target audiences. For VFC, the primary target audience was mothers (or soon to be mothers) of infants, with a secondary audience of mothers of teenagers. (Research shows that mothers are the ones drive immunizations within the family.)

The logo choices were tested among the healthcare community and with mothers that fit our target audience. Upon receiving that feedback, Immunize Nevada selected a logo and color palette.

With very little out in the community about the VFC Program, we knew we were essentially working from scratch. Although VFC was not new, we had to treat it as though we were launching a new program. As part of this “launch,” we had to determine what the call to action would be. Because only a few physicians were registered  providers, it was not as simple as “ask your doctor about the program.” So, KPS3 developed a specialized VFC  website that includes a database and map of all providers in the state. Visitors can simply put in a zip code and find all providers within a specified radius. became the call to action, and our mission became driving people to this site to learn more about this program and find a VFC provider.

KPS3 worked with Immunize Nevada to create content that would educate the community about its availability and benefit. Language had to be selected that would resonate with our target audiences and not ignored or shrugged off. This messaging had to be succinct and easy to understand. The messaging was used throughout the VFC website, as well as in the TV and radio spots, online ads and multiple variations of a flier – all both in English and Spanish.

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