A Brand Apart: Community Foundation of Western Nevada

The Community Foundation of Western Nevada brand had outgrown itself. They needed a brand that showcased their evolving direction and incorporated the core principles of connection, engagement and caring. KPS3 was asked to lead and create a brand refresh to strengthen the tie between the Community Foundation’s values and its image.

The Brand Journey

We began with stakeholder interviews to gain insights as to the current and future perception of the Community Foundation of Western Nevada. From the interviews, the brand guiding principles were created showing who the Community Foundation is and what they stand for.

A messaging platform was written to communicate key messaging for the organization, to each of their target audiences.




Logo Design and Development

KPS3 then designed and developed logo options based on the guiding principles document. The logo chosen was meant to be homage to the pinion pine, and visually communicate the connection and engagement that happens between the organization and to each of the target audiences within the community.




The Essence of the Brand

A brand book was designed as the centerpiece for everything moving forward. It tells the complete story of the Community Foundation of Western Nevada, displays the look and feel, and describes how we communicate to the audiences.




The Rollout

The brand was beautifully translated into a business system and collateral templates by KPS3 to bring the brand to life. The Community Foundation implemented the design into their new office interiors and additional marketing pieces to complete the brand rollout.




Over time, organizations evolve and brands are often left in the dust. It’s easy to forget about your brand, but a brand is the manifestation of an organization’s values and reputation. It’s crucial to make sure that it always reflects your core principles and projects the image you want your stakeholders to have of your organization. We’re proud to have worked with the Community Foundation of Western Nevada to develop a brand that reflects the values they live by and the important work they do for our community.

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