Year 30 – A Recap of The Past Twelve Months

Pausing to Smile

Over the last twelve months, we’ve passed quite a few milestones as a company. First, we celebrated thirty years of being in business last June. Three decades of growth. 30 years of adapting. It’s been an incredible journey.

This year we also hired our 50th employee making us an official mid-sized business. That was only a few months ago, and we’re already close to reaching 60 people. It’s exciting to see the ongoing growth, as well as welcome some really wonderful people to the team.

And we also were recognized for the fifth year in a row as one of the Best Places to Work in Northern Nevada – an honor we’re truly proud of.

It’s been a great year, full of milestones. And it gives us even more joy to talk about the work we’ve done together with our clients. The stuff that we love to do, each and every day. The complex, the challenging, the fun. So, come along as we go through some of the work we’ve done over the past twelve months.

Brand Identity

Brand development is both beautiful and complex. We love working with companies to help define the important elements such as brand pillars, the cause statement, the brand archetype, their audiences, the voice and tone. Once the internal pieces have been defined, this makes the visual identity – the logo, the colors, the typography, the photography, iconography, and everything in between – come together seamlessly.

We worked closely with two non-profit state organizations, a large B2B SaaS, and finalized the brand for one of the largest insurance brokerages in our state. We refreshed an established brand. And launched a national education one.

Web Launches

Over the past year, we’ve worked on over a dozen web projects. Each site has its own personality, its own goals. This included creating a beautiful, parallax site to help promote the 5,000,000th wedding license and easily provide information on how to get married in Las Vegas. We launched a large eCommerce store for a national uniform reseller. We built a site for a large B2B SaaS platform that helps non-profits and faith-based organizations to easily collect donations. And we even re-launched Santa Maria Valley’s new site, helping be a resource for wine enthusiasts and barbecue foodies.

Public Relations and Outreach

Some say that a good PR story makes a bigger impact on people than buying a “front-page” ad. Regardless, PR and Outreach are incredible tools to connect with audiences in different ways. We continually work alongside the state on a variety of initiatives that help improve public health. Some of our other recent wins include highlighting the importance of diversity and equity in the judiciary, highlighting the increased awareness and acceptance of cryptocurrencies for cross-border payments, building awareness of the lives saved from organ donors, launching new restaurants and coffee locations in Reno, and creating national exposure for our destination clients.

Growth Performance

Our search and digital media management team continued to keep ahead of the Google curve. Currently, the team is upgrading our client accounts to ensure no one skips a beat when GA4 replaces Universal Analytics next summer. We also started working with some really cool clients that include an eCommerce metal fabrication company, a handful of national B2Bs, a large supplement company, and a few others.


Campaigns help move people, change behavior, and inspire action. To do this, we build a thoughtful strategy that intersects our audiences’ interests and clients’ objectives. This strategy then informs well-crafted messaging powered behind a branded design that shines through the clutter. And then we focus on connecting with our audiences in the right channels, measuring each touchpoint in the user journey.

Among some of the major campaigns we launch, we inspired travel to multiple destinations – Long Beach, Charlotte, Chicago, and others. We designed and managed campaigns that targeted Fintech companies to use fast, efficient, compliant cross-border transactions. And we developed a travel campaign wrapped in nostalgia of great memories.

Social Media Growth

This year our social media team broke from a shared space to its own department. Since then, we’ve helped a variety of clients with content curation, post planning, trend watching, community management, and ongoing reporting. We’ve helped grow and manage a handful of Las Vegas restaurants. Created and implemented the social content plan and strategy for a large financial firm in the state. Collaborated with a tourism authority to launch a TikTok and Instagram Reels strategy focused on authenticity and first-person experience. And that really only touches the surface.

Video Storytelling

Stories connect us. They entertain us. They keep us human. We grow up listening to the stories of our parents, and we use stories to help guide our children. No matter who you are, everyone has time to listen to a great story. When it comes to businesses, we were able to work with a handful of organizations and develop their story. This included an organization dedicated to supporting and growing Nevada manufacturing across the state. We also produced a public awareness program on recovery-friendly workplaces. We also worked with a non-profit organization on developing their needs on keeping our community parks and neighborhoods clean from pet waste.


Cheers to a great year! And let’s see what great things lie ahead for the next twelve months!

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