KPS3 Adds Bob Whitefield as Partner

KPS3, a full-service marketing and digital communications firm, announced the addition of Bob Whitefield as partner. As VP of growth marketing, Whitefield will have a continued focus on performance marketing, search and analytics for KPS3’s local, regional and national clients.

“KPS3 has always been strategy first,” said Stephanie Kruse, founder and board chair. “Bob is innately strategic, and that permeates every initiative and every campaign he creates and executes flawlessly for our clients.”

Upon acquisition of The Whitefield Group by KPS3 in 2014, Whitefield spent the last six years directing search engine optimization and digital marketing initiatives. His efforts include organic and paid search and developing high performance strategies for a multitude of clients such as Stellar, PeopleGrove and Contentsquare, with offices in San Francisco. KPS3 search, analytics and digital media management represents nearly a quarter of KPS3’s revenue.

“Bob’s contributions to the growth and success of KPS3 speaks for itself,” said Rob Gaedtke, president and CEO. “Add to that his energy and unwavering devotion to his team and craft make him a perfect fit for ownership in the agency.”

“I’ve always been impressed by Bob’s commitment to quality and his passion for everything he does,” said Kevin Jones, COO. “He works in a field largely driven by analytical decision making yet still finds ways to creatively push the limits and yield incredible results no matter the client or industry.”

Whitefield holds a B.A. in history from the University of Nevada Reno. He serves as an advisory board member of the University of Nevada Reno College of Liberal Arts and as treasurer of the Brüka Theater.

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