Dogs, cats and Google Ad Grants

We’re writing today to brag just a little more about a client that really gets our tails wagging, Maddie’s Fund®, a national family foundation established by Dave and Cheryl Duffield to revolutionize the status and well-being of companion animals. Established as a fulfillment of a promise to an inspirational dog, this organization invests its resources to create a no-kill nation where every dog and cat is guaranteed a healthy home or habitat, #ThanksToMaddie. Now, doesn’t it seem like amazing organizations, like Maddie’s Fund®, should be known far and wide for their programs and efforts to better the world? Enter: Google Ad Grants.

The Google Ad Grants program works with more than 20,000 non-profits in more than 50 countries. The Ad Grants program provides non-profits with up to $10,000 of in-kind advertising every month from Google Ads, an online advertising solution from Google. Yes, I said ten-thousand-whole-dollars, which can be used to fund search ads to help non-profits increase brand awareness, which may translate into more donations and volunteers. In Maddie’s Fund’s® case, Google Ads allows them to increase awareness of their free educational programming, grants and foster care resources in addition to elevating their industry.

In 2017, Google announced substantial policy changes geared toward improving the quality of their grant program, and many non-profits found themselves struggling to keep up with the new standards, which include keeping an account-wide five percent click-through-rate (CTR) each month, properly setting up conversion tracking and ensuring that the keywords in your account maintain at least a keyword quality score of three and above, just to name a few.

With these policy changes in mind, our digital media specialists here at KPS3 devised a two-part plan to take full advantage of Google’s Ad Grants program to help Maddie’s Fund® spread their message. Part one included working with the Maddie’s Fund® team to understand their goals and priorities for the year, creating thoughtful messaging for their search campaigns, conducting keyword research and ensuring their account was setup for success with the newest Ad Grant account requirements. Our team also reviewed and audited their Google Analytics account. We built a baseline digital report, had a good understanding of past campaign performances and had plenty of solutions to help build their audience and drive traffic to their hub of comprehensive resources.

In phase two, we built custom monthly reports based on their goals, one goal being to increase the number of people visiting their website from targeted communities. We continually optimize and adjust new campaigns based on initial and subsequent findings.

Phase two is constant. Our job is to learn from the data and continue to optimize their account—adjusting campaign messaging, conducting additional keyword research, recommending landing page updates and more.

One of our favorite campaigns to date is the “How to Speak Cat” communications course. This extensive online course walks users through the ins and outs of cat behavior, which can be a bit meowsterious, (see what I did there?). This free self-paced course covers body language, vocalizing, scenting and more. We were able to input useful search terms to help cat enthusiasts find answers to common—and not so common—questions. Some of the search terms include:

“What does it mean when a cat winks at you?”

“Why does my cat headbutt me?”

And, the most important search query of them all:

“Why is my cat licking my armpit?” (Weird? Definitely. Relevant? Most likely).

In the past eight months, this campaign has maintained a CTR of 13 percent. The success of this campaign, as well as the other campaigns running, has helped the Maddie’s Fund® account maintain an 11 percent CTR (remember, the Google Ad Grant rule is to keep an account wide five percent CTR). Now, that’s something to meow about!

KPS3 is also helping Maddie’s Fund® elevate their other programs and resources including:

One of our team members at KPS3 used Maddie’s® Pet Assistant when she adopted her cat from the Nevada Humane Society. She said it was an amazingly simple way to keep the shelter in the loop on how her adoptions were going. App users fill out short questionnaires after the first day, first week and first month with their new pet. Afterwards, users receive feedback and tips from experts at the Nevada Humane Society, who guide adopters through any questions or concerns.

We love the mission of Maddie’s Fund® and enjoy being their digital strategic partner. The Google Ad Grant has enabled us to help Maddie’s Fund® spread their message and work towards their goal to ensure every dog and cat has a healthy home or habitat. #ThanksToMaddie

If you are a non-profit organization, we encourage you to learn more about Google’s Ad Grant program. If you’re needing assistance to maintain your eligibility, contact our digital experts.

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