Adding New Fields to Comments in Drupal 7

Drupal 7 has many advantages over Drupal 6. Most of the modules have been ported, customizing comments and user profiles is easier and overall, it just runs faster. One of the main improvements, though, is the ability to add fields to different system areas, including Comments, Taxonomies and the User Profiles.

I recently added custom fields to the comments section of a Drupal website and found that it wasn’t as intuitive as I thought it’d be. It’s an easy thing to do, but the options are a little buried and not where very many people might expect at first glance. Let’s take a look.

To edit or add fields to your Drupal 7 comments, follow these simple steps:

1. Login to your Drupal 7 install and click “Structure” at the top


2. Click on “Content Types” – (note: you’d think this would be the last step and this is where they live, but there are a few more steps you need to take)


3. Click on “Edit” for the Content Type you’d like to like to change the comments on.


4. Click on “Comment Fields” in the top right


5. That’s it! The comment fields are SPECIFIC to the CONTENT TYPE you’re on.

Drupal does it this way to give you flexibility on your comments and fields. So, in theory, you can have the fields on your blog comments can be different than the fields on your news comments. This added flexibility also makes it one step harder to find though, so I hoped this helped you save a step and some looking around. Let me know if you have any questions or are unable to find something.

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