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The ultimate goal of marketing is to drive action, movement, transaction. Marketing begins with good research and discovery, and then uses experience, knowledge and skills to develop the appropriate strategy to determine the correct course of action to move the desired markets to the desired action. Developing the correct marketing mix includes strategic decision-making about product/service, pricing, distribution … and also, of course, promotion (where much of our world exists). But first it takes a remarkable understanding of the target markets and how they think, believe and act. Without a strong foundation in marketing, it’s all too easy to go astray, and spend resources where they shouldn’t be spent.


First comes the discovery phase for any sound marketing program.  At KPS3 we offer clients market research services that include both qualitative and quantitative methods, including focus groups, online surveys, intercept surveys, executive interviews, telephone surveys and other methods. We not only design the research tools, but also complete and manage the research process… and then most importantly use our strategic insights, experience and expertise to analyze the findings and provide strategic marketing recommendations to our clients. We incorporate our findings from existing (secondary) research to help advise clients on the most strategic path of action.


The analysis of existing research and data and any new primary research in our “THINK” stage gives us the cues to develop the marketing strategy and plans that our clients need, whether for specific products, services or for their overall brand. Overall strategy, goals, objectives, tactics, budgets, timelines and measurements of effectiveness are all part of the plans we develop for our clients. Marketing is so much more than what it is commonly thought to be… it’s more than just research, or just sales or advertising or PR. KPS3 is a marketing firm, first and foremost, but then can assist clients in implementing the many solutions and tools, including advertising, PR, digital and web, that fall out of the overall marketing strategy or the plan we prescribe.


Every good marketing program has a matrix of analytics built in. Depending on the goal of the plan or program, there are a number of ways we can evaluate success… from pre and post campaign surveys, to cost per click-through for a digital campaign, to inquiries created, to qualified lead generation for the sales team. The matrix and the analytics depend upon the goals, targets, budgets and tactics used to achieve them. Evaluating the elements of the matrix is critical to evolving the action program to best achieve the marketing goals on a forward-facing basis.

Marketing services offered by KPS3

  • Market research tool and survey development
  • Market research analysis and recommendations reports
  • Focus group moderation and report/recommendations
  • Executive interview research
  • Intercept survey research
  • Online market surveys
  • Marketing program audits or evaluations
  • Marketing plan development
  • Brand evaluation and development
  • In-sourced marketing management

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