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public relations

written by Carrie Busha on Mar, 19 2014

On any given day we may see dozens of brands, all vying for our attention and love. We’ve spoken about what a brand is before, and what it means (and doesn’t mean) for your business. As a full-service communications agency, KPS3...

written by Scott Walquist on Feb, 28 2014

I recently had the opportunity to present on social media at the Northern Nevada chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. This presentation allowed me to go back to the roots of social media and remind me of its power as a marketing tool. Marketers often become so entrenched in their day-to-day work and implementing their strategic plans for clients that they forget what makes their tactics successful. The crux...

written by Stephanie Kruse on Feb, 22 2014

Last week, I was on a panel of very talented ad, PR and design pros speaking at the AAF Reno Power Lunch of the month. You had to be there to get all the nuggets of wisdom from my colleagues and me, but here were a handful of themes that I heard from most of us:

  • Content is king. Whether your bent is ad, digital, PR, social or a blend, if you don't get how to develop strategic content, you're gonna lose out. Content is what...
written by Carrie Busha on Jan, 14 2014

As public relations professionals, our job is to tell our clients’ stories and make sure they get heard. Although traditional public relations still plays a role in how we tell these stories, things are evolving quickly in the PR industry with new digital media outlets emerging almost daily. Getting the right content in front of the right viewer is still the end game, but with fewer and fewer journalists and traditional print publications,...

written by Stephanie Kruse on Oct, 31 2013

KPS3 has uber-embraced technology in marketing. Probably earlier and much more passionately than most companies that started out as marketing/ad/PR agencies. We use it constantly and effectively to help clients achieve marketing goals.

So no surprises when a few weeks ago I was speaking at a conference for start up companies and entrepreneurs,  there was a lot of discussion and...

written by Scott Walquist on Aug, 22 2013

I am not sure how many times I have said "content is king" since I became a professional in the marketing industry, however I know it is more times than I can count. I too am a believer in this concept, and in fact believe content is not only king, but also queen, princess, prince and even Simba (Disney reference for all of you that do not have young kids).

With that said, content is now in the limelight and on center stage. I would...

written by Katie Coleman on Jan, 04 2013

When I was asked to do executive communications (during my tenure at my previous employer), I truthfully didn’t know what the job entailed. Influenced by too many shows about young, fabulous women in highfalutin marketing jobs, I envisioned myself on a jet with the CEO, prepping her for an interview in New York. In my dream, I also had on a pink and black Chanel skirt suit and with an Anna Wintour-esque bob to match.

No vision of...

written by Mike McDowell on Dec, 31 2012

As the year winds to an end, I thought I'd share with you the top 10 KPS3 articles in 2012 (sorted by views). When you reach the end of this countdown, feel free to pop some champagne and kiss the person nearest to you (maybe clear that with HR first). 



written by Cortney Webb on Jun, 22 2012

Dignity and grace — two words no one can use to describe CBS’s reaction to ABC’s decision to air a new show, “Glass House,” which CBS claims is a “Big Brother” rip-off. ABC was given the go-ahead to air the show after a judge dismissed CBS’ lawsuit to stop the show from airing.

“Glass House” premiered on Monday night to low Nielsen...

written by Scott Walquist on Apr, 13 2012

The title of this blog post is a question that could have people asking if it is an oxymoron, or wondering if there is such a thing. Can someone influence their industry, community, coworkers, etc., by being "quiet?" I would argue, no.

I am not saying that an individual needs to be outgoing and social in order to be a influencer. I am saying that in order for someone to become influential, they need to communicate and communicate well...


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