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written by Julia Kruper on May, 22 2014

Part 1 in our Content Marketing Series

I'll admit it, when I first started hearing the term “content marketing” (and, I know, we hear it everywhere these days) what it meant wasn’t so obvious to me. It seemed like this nebulous, catch-all buzzword, and it was hard for me to define it in a way that was practically useful. So, of course, I hit the books (or, more accurately, Google).

Now, there is a ton...

written by Mike McDowell on Oct, 02 2012

Let's get rid of email blasts (or e-blasts). That's right - I said it. No more email blasts. But it's not the practice of sending email marketing that I'm opposed to, it's the concept of an email blast. You see, "email blast" alludes to a completely untargeted email that gets "blasted" out to everybody who is unfortunate enough to find themselves on a massive, spammy list. It's shotgun style, for sure. This practice is killing what can be a...

written by Mike McDowell on Feb, 02 2012

Social media tools like Facebook and Twitter are revolutionizing the way that many individuals and brands communicate. But, it's also changing the landscape of college athlete recruiting. 

As Jack Trotter notes in his ESPN article, talents scouts/recruiters are turning to social media to recruit high school athletes. You...

written by Mike McDowell on Feb, 24 2010

I'll be presenting again at this year's Nevada Interactive Media Summit. The event will be Saturday, March 6, 2010 at the University of Nevada. Registration for the all-day event is only $25 and will be well worth it. Make sure you check out the lineup of presentations,...

written by Mike McDowell on Jul, 02 2009

Imagine you've entered a networking event with 100 people in attendance. What is your goal? Is it to introduce yourself to 100 people and leave? It is to collect 100 business cards? Or is it to actually cultivate some sort of ongoing relationship with them?

Better yet, imagine you've just entered a room with 100 potential or existing customers. What is your goal? Do you want to grab a megaphone, and shout to the room about your newest...

written by Scott Walquist on Jun, 19 2009

As we move further into a web 2.0 (or web 3.0 as referred to by the latest issue of Public Relations Strategist), public relations practitioners have been given an array of tools to help us better serve and benefit our clients in the most up-to-date of ways. Things like Twitter and Facebook are additional ammunition to add to an arsenal of...

written by Mike McDowell on Jun, 09 2009

 By now, many of you have heard about this magical, buzzworthy thing called Social Media. Heck, you've probably even heard me expound about it, personally. However, it's really easy to get caught up in the mystique and the attraction of social media without fully understanding what you're...

written by Casey Stratchan on Apr, 29 2009

If you're on Twitter, by now you've heard of many instances where high-profile individuals have had their Tweets tampered with on the ever-expanding social network. Celebs such as Shaquille O'Neal, Bill O'Reilly and...

written by Stephanie Kruse on Apr, 25 2009

A new Forrester report shows that 53% of companies surveyed plan to increase their focus on the use of social media marketing in 2009.  Why?  1) it’s incredibly affordable and 2) it allows you to boost your word-of-mouth marketing effots to new levels.

However, at KPS3 we are quick to point out to our clients...

written by Scott Walquist on Apr, 24 2009

As most if us are aware of at this point, Domino’s Pizza is facing scrutiny and a PR crisis when an online video surfaced showing employees of a North Carolina Domino’s doing inappropriate and disgusting things to the food they were preparing.

After catching wind that the video was running rampant virally, Domino’s quickly fired the employees and filed legal complaints against them,...


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