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written by Katie Coleman on Dec, 17 2014

Part 2 - Implementation

In Part 1 of our Marketing to the Un and Underinsured series, we wrote about research and the “Aha!” moments that help fuel our decisions. Nothing thrills us more than being able to back up our strategy with data gleaned from primary and secondary research, and that’s the key to many of our campaigns’ successes. But having the right research is just...

written by Katie Coleman on Jul, 16 2014

Part 1 

At KPS3, we live for the “AHA!” moments and the victories that result. The majority of our victories revolve around our clients and their success. Helping meet sales goals, exceed metrics, garner valuable media coverage and more – the list of our favorite victories is long yet specific. And more often...

written by Scott Walquist on May, 16 2014

The Nevada Vaccines for Children (VFC) program never had the necessary resources to effectively promote and educate the community about why and where to get vaccines for children. But in late 2013, Immunize Nevada received a grant to get the word out about this program across the state. KPS3 was brought in to give VFC an identity and strategically market the program.

Designed to provide vaccines to children whose parents or guardians...

written by Stephanie Kruse on Apr, 23 2014

Every crisis communications situation is a true crisis to the people churned up in the middle of it. It can feel overpowering, and is often full of warts and land mines.

Crisis communications in the healthcare industry has greater magnitude, however, due to the nature of how customers and other stakeholders uniquely view a healthcare organization. They usually WANT to trust a healthcare organization – to provide high-quality care, care...

written by Katie Coleman on Apr, 01 2014

We marketers love (underscored, bolded and in all caps) to critique messaging. From television spots to billboards to the back of our shampoo bottles (this is a real thing that happens in marketing people’s showers across the world, trust me), we’re really good at asking, “What did THAT mean?” and “What were they thinking?”...

written by Stephanie Kruse on Oct, 31 2013

KPS3 has uber-embraced technology in marketing. Probably earlier and much more passionately than most companies that started out as marketing/ad/PR agencies. We use it constantly and effectively to help clients achieve marketing goals.

So no surprises when a few weeks ago I was speaking at a conference for start up companies and entrepreneurs,  there was a lot of discussion and...

written by Rob Gaedtke on Apr, 05 2011

KPS3 launched a full campaign for the Nevada State Health Department helping them get the word out about the recently passed Nutrition Labeling Law from the FDA requiring Chain Restaurants and Vending Companies to provide  nutrition information for all regular menu items. Take a look at the TV spot or...

written by Casey Stratchan on Sep, 29 2010

A friend posted this on FB, so I thought I would share. I found the concept of this public health seatbelt safety campaign really engaging. Execution and shooting was also very well done. Even though I'm not a father, and I always wear my seatbelt, the spot still resonated with me... and I believe that's a sign they did a great job with their target audience messaging/imaging and secondary audiences.

written by Mike McDowell on Mar, 26 2010

Part of the new health care legislation that was signed this week includes a provision that requires restaurant chains to post calorie information. The new federal law requires restaurant chains with 20 or more outlets to post calorie information on their menus. It also means that calorie counts will be displayed in vending machines. How do you feel about knowing that the McDonald's Big Mac...

written by Casey Stratchan on Jun, 03 2009

KPS3 is helping launch a new eco-friendly program that asks northern Nevadans to take a pledge to refill more and to cut down on using/buying single-use plastic water bottles. From name, theme and logo development, to an eventual website with online pledge signups and other green discount offers, the "iRefill - There's No Landfill In A Refill," is gaining a lot of attention. Sponsored by Washoe County Health Department, Truckee Meadows Water...


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