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written by Steve James on Mar, 21 2014

Approach with Caution

Whoa nelly! Re-defining the look and feel of a university website requires caution. It’s not as simple as prettifying or cleaning up an existing look. Universities, and I mean all universities, have a great deal of information to convey to prospective students. It can be overwhelming and humbling to choose what content stays and...
written by Julia Kruper on Mar, 10 2014

A number of our clients were honored on Friday at the 2014 ADDY Awards hosted by AAF Reno. We’re proud to work with such talented, fun, and smart people. Here’s a quick recap:

RSCVA was honored with a Gold ADDY for their 1,000 Reasons microsite, and the Nevada Department of...

written by Kevin Jones on Feb, 26 2014

First off, let me start with a personal confession: I love to over-complicate things. This project was no different. "Let's use HTML5 to capture the visitor's webcam!" and "Let's have a large TV in the office with our faces that rotate through when it's your turn" were definitely mentioned several times throughout this project. Did either of those happen? Nope. Am I bummed they didn't? Nope.

With any large project, it’s important to...

written by Julia Kruper on Feb, 23 2014

Merging Digital & Traditional Marketing

First, a huge thank you to everyone who participated in KPS3’s first ever ...

written by Gwen Ewasko on Dec, 13 2013

You've been told to design a big gatefold brochure and you're probably sweating a little (at least, I did) wondering how you will get 7+ pages of copy onto the eight panels of your brochure, all while making it look interesting and easy to read. In the time I've been at KPS3, I've designed a total of six gatefold brochures, in...

written by Kevin Jones on Nov, 25 2013

We've been lucky to work on some amazing products lately. One of those is PlascoTrac, a company that's changing the face of PBIS in school districts. We were brought on to redesign and develop their mobile application. Below is a quick video we put together as a sneak peek of the app in action. It's built on Phonegap and integrates with several components of hardware,...

written by Kevin Jones on Oct, 18 2013

Depending on your profession, you may have heard some significant, unexpected news on October 15. If you're a web designer or developer, you no doubt heard that MediaTemple was acquired by GoDaddy. If you're a carpenter, I have no idea what you heard, but hopefully something cool about woodworking.

For web designers, ...

written by Rob Gaedtke on Oct, 14 2013

Why we need to stop taking notes and start getting inspired.

Today at the Bolo2013 conference I noticed something… I noticed that my notes were quite different than those around me. While other people were scribbling quotes and nodding along, I was jotting down new org charts for KPS3 and making changes to our voice document. I realized that, for me, going to a conference is very similar to going on vacation… the ideas that pop into...

written by Jenna Hubert on Apr, 30 2013

I spend 70 to 80 percent of my day staring at glowing rectangles. And that’s probably an underestimate. So when I was told I shouldn’t take any of my city slicker devices to Design Ranch, a conference in Hunt, Texas, I raised an eyebrow. Leave my computer behind? No internet? Was this going to...

written by Kevin Jones on Apr, 10 2013

This past Friday (and part of the day Saturday) several members of KPS3 participated in Reno Wired. If you don't know already, Reno Wired is a 24-hour, nonprofit brandathon. If that doesn't really make sense either, it's really just a group of people working for 24 hours straight to redesign all of a nonprofit's print pieces and website. And it was amazing.

For this years event, Reno Wired chose...


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