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written by Jenna Hubert on Aug, 29 2014

About a year ago I was faced with one of the most important decisions I would make as a designer. I was a couple years into my career and could confidently find my way around both sides of a sheet of paper. I had a pinky toe in the web pool helping with wireframes or eblasts every once in a while. I didn’t know a ton about how websites were built so I quickly decided I was probably not destined for internet greatness.

And then a truly...

written by Gwen Ewasko on Jul, 29 2014

Recently I attended the HOW Design conference in Boston. It is really such a unique city. I had never been there, but Boston is just teeming with history and culture. Somewhere between the brownstones and beautiful parks, I became utterly charmed. The conference was so inspiring; it was a great experience being around so many designers, especially once I stopped laughing about the fact that we all dress the...

written by Kevin Jones on Jul, 28 2014

In this edition of Behind the Screens, we’d like you to meet Gwen, designer extraordinaire, typography connoisseur, cat lover, and kitchen master. Gwen spends her time here crafting beautiful and effective print...

written by Mike McDowell on Jun, 24 2014

There are many misunderstandings and myths about website design. But few website myths told over the years are as epic as that of the importance of the "fold." Legend has it, that any content living below this fateful boundary was never to be seen again. To prevent this certain death, content would crowd into the gilded holy land known as "above the fold." This land of milk and honey above the fold was the only safe haven and ensured that...

written by Rob Gaedtke on Jun, 11 2014

Friends, meet Steve. Steve is the web designer behind some of our most amazing digital projects like Chrysallis, Nevada Department of...

written by Scott Walquist on May, 16 2014

The Nevada Vaccines for Children (VFC) program never had the necessary resources to effectively promote and educate the community about why and where to get vaccines for children. But in late 2013, Immunize Nevada received a grant to get the word out about this program across the state. KPS3 was brought in to give VFC an identity and strategically market the program.

Designed to provide vaccines to children whose parents or guardians...

written by Steve James on Mar, 21 2014

Approach with Caution

Whoa nelly! Re-defining the look and feel of a university website requires caution. It’s not as simple as prettifying or cleaning up an existing look. Universities, and I mean all universities, have a great deal of information to convey to prospective students. It can be overwhelming and humbling to choose what content stays and...
written by Julia Kruper on Mar, 10 2014

A number of our clients were honored on Friday at the 2014 ADDY Awards hosted by AAF Reno. We’re proud to work with such talented, fun, and smart people. Here’s a quick recap:

RSCVA was honored with a Gold ADDY for their 1,000 Reasons microsite, and the Nevada Department of...

written by Kevin Jones on Feb, 26 2014

First off, let me start with a personal confession: I love to over-complicate things. This project was no different. "Let's use HTML5 to capture the visitor's webcam!" and "Let's have a large TV in the office with our faces that rotate through when it's your turn" were definitely mentioned several times throughout this project. Did either of those happen? Nope. Am I bummed they didn't? Nope.

With any large project, it’s important to...

written by Julia Kruper on Feb, 23 2014

Merging Digital & Traditional Marketing

First, a huge thank you to everyone who participated in KPS3’s first ever ...


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