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brand messaging

written by Katie Coleman on Jul, 16 2014

Part 1 

At KPS3, we live for the “AHA!” moments and the victories that result. The majority of our victories revolve around our clients and their success. Helping meet sales goals, exceed metrics, garner valuable media coverage and more – the list of our favorite victories is long yet specific. And more often...

written by Scott Walquist on May, 16 2014

The Nevada Vaccines for Children (VFC) program never had the necessary resources to effectively promote and educate the community about why and where to get vaccines for children. But in late 2013, Immunize Nevada received a grant to get the word out about this program across the state. KPS3 was brought in to give VFC an identity and strategically market the program.

Designed to provide vaccines to children whose parents or guardians...

written by Katie Coleman on Apr, 01 2014

We marketers love (underscored, bolded and in all caps) to critique messaging. From television spots to billboards to the back of our shampoo bottles (this is a real thing that happens in marketing people’s showers across the world, trust me), we’re really good at asking, “What did THAT mean?” and “What were they thinking?”...

written by Stephanie Kruse on Feb, 16 2014

This month I was honored to be one of a handful of marketing and advertising professionals interviewed for Nevada Business Magazine's cover feature on Corporate Branding. Writer Doresa Banning did a great job of melding what I'm sure was a wealth of information from the six of us. After interviewing me for more than 30 minutes she was still curious and interested and...

written by Rob Gaedtke on Dec, 21 2013

When it comes to a crafting, creating and defining a brand, companies look to outside firms to help. But in today’s world, a world filled with thousands of platforms, countless media options and endless opportunities to interact with consumers, what type of firm is best suited for the task?

My first notion back in the early 2000s was that advertising agencies should control the entire brand. They built brands, they understood the role...

written by Nick Ocampo on Sep, 23 2013

In a public relations class during my last year of college, one of my professors went around and asked us to describe how we can stand out from other professionals in the marketing field. A few people to my right gave some overly elaborate answers and by the time the professor had reached my seat, I realized I had been too busy listening to their responses to think of what could be my own. Caught on the...

written by Julia Kruper on Jan, 10 2012

We all understand the temptation to buy a list. It’s quick, it’s easy, and if you believe the sellers it’s the perfect way to reach tens of thousands, maybe even millions of new people in your target market. Of course whether or not you can actually reach people with a purchased list is debatable. After all, are you really reaching someone if they never open your message? These are people who have never heard of you and are probably wondering...


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