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A Great Seatbelt Commercial, from Concept to Execution

A friend posted this on FB, so I thought I would share. I found the concept of this public health seatbelt safety campaign really engaging. Execution and shooting was also very well done. Even though I'm not a father, and I always wear my seatbelt, the spot still resonated with me... and I believe that's a sign they did a great job with their target audience messaging/imaging and secondary audiences.


My daughter was in a car accident a month ago. She lost control of her car and hit a pole and her car flipped several times. My daughter was ok with some injuries that took weeks to heal. She was wearing her seatbelt. Her best friend was in the car with her. She was not wearing het seatbelt and she did not survive the crash. Life cut so short for my daughters best friend. My daughter is a living example that seat belts save lives. Its a miricle she is still here with us. The symbol at the end of the commercial touched my daughter so much she put the triangle with the seat belt on her side in a tatoo to remeber she was given a second chace in life and in her friends favorite colors. We love and miss u Bronwyn.my


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