KPS3 Welcomes Alexia Bratiotis

We are very happy to welcome Alexia Bratiotis to the KPS3 team as a senior account director. Alexia is responsible for day-to-day management of some of the firm’s key accounts in addition to the strategic direction of their marketing communications success.

Before joining the team, Alexia worked as the general manager for Bayer Properties at The Summit Reno. Prior to that, Alexia served as the assistant general manager and the area marketing manager for The Summit, and held communications and public relations positions with the Nevada Museum of Art and Renown Health.

Currently she serves on the board of directors for the Nevada Women’s Fund, as Vice-President of Marketing for the Western Industrial Nevada board of directors, as co-chair of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Business Council and as a member of the American Lung Association’s Women’s Cabinet. Learn more about Alexia here.

Our Thoughts

The Soundtrack of KPS3

It’s about 15 minutes before my next meeting when I hastily reach over to unplug my laptop to take it into the nearest conference room. Before I can hit mute fast enough, AC/DC pierces the silence of our working bullpen. My fingers fumble over the keyboard to silence this public disruption. After a few seconds (though it seems like an eternity) I’m finally able to kill the music, and after a brief pause, a few heads turn and a...

Creative Feedback in a Digital Work Environment

A couple years back, KPS3 traded in manila folders and job tickets for Slack and Jira. You remember those folders, right? They had a few aliases — “Job Jacket,” “Job Bag,” “Job Folder,” “Dirty Ol’ Brown Bag.” You’d get a job bag with a work order. Do the work. Print out the work. Put the work in the job folder. Put the job folder on the reviewer’s desk. See that stack start to pile up and sneakily go back...

Supporting Breastfeeding in Nevada – Here, There, Everywhere

We have grown by four feet! This year, we have been lucky enough to welcome two adorable babies to the extended KPS3 family. In January, Alex welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Lihie and in February, Katie welcomed handsome little Wells. From long nights and endless diapers to the first smiles and giggles, there are so many amazing adventures ahead for these two families. And when these new mothers come back to work, we are ready to fully support...