Alexandra Gurevich

Search Analyst

Over eight years of diverse marketing experience and a serious passion for the outdoors.

Alex Gurevich joined the KPS3 crew originally as an SEO intern, but was quickly promoted to a search analyst in 2016. When she’s not busy working her search-engine magic to ensure our clients’ websites are found for all the right reasons, you can find her roaming around the world, exploring new places and cultures every chance she gets.

Alex earned her B.S. in business administration and marketing from San Francisco State University (where she held a well-deserved spot on the Dean’s Honor List) and, later, earned her M.A. in interactive journalism (with an emphasis in online storytelling and virtual reality) from the University of Nevada. After earning her B.S., Alex worked as a marketing specialist for EREZ Ancient Coin Jewelry in Berkeley, California and, upon moving inland to Reno, accepted a position as the digital marketing specialist for INT-Sourcing, where she executed a marketing campaign for the company that increased its earnings by 10 percent.

With a serious knack for all-things digital, Alex has an interest (turned hobby) in virtual reality as a new form of audience engagement and spent her time as a Master’s student researching virtual reality from a marketing and branding perspective. A lover of hiking, camping and snowboarding, Alex admittedly isn’t all rough-and-tumble—she’s loves a good window-shopping session and often puts her search-engine skills to use to find rare designer clothes and shoes (you go, girl).