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So How Much is a GOOD Web Design Worth?

Everyone is budget conscious. These days especially. So when we at KPS3 get the question "Why shouldn't I have my kid's friend design my website for... (usually something like $3.29)" as marketers we need to answer with solid information. I'm not going to belabor the fact that a firm with solid e-marketing skills and experience really can more strategically, intelligently and creatively design a website than your kid's buddy. But I do want to talk about the design of the website itself.

Numerous studies have shown that good design is an indicator of credibility for your brand (your company, product, service, etc.). It's important to recognize that users really do judge a book by its cover… or rather, a website by its design. If you don't exhibit good layout, consistency, typography (good use of type fonts), color and style... your users may perceive your website and your brand's image in a less than favorable way. Your website should project not only a good image but also the right one for your audience. (stop me now before I wax poetic on market research to determine who your target audiences are and how they think and act).

And if you haven't become familiarized with eye tracking studies, that show how various audiences absorb a website page, you might want to... before you accept a web design (and realize that new Internet users view sites differently than experienced users, and that there are some differences between how different cultures "read" a site.)

Other factors that influence your credibility are the quality of the website’s content, amount and type of errors, the rate and frequency of updates, its ease of use, and the trustworthiness and credibility of the authors of the site.

Even if you get what you believe is a smokin' deal to have someone "design" your website, remember that even $3.29 spent badly, is $3.29 too much.

Stephanie Kruse
some cliffs notes about Stephanie Kruse who is our Principal and Chief Strategist

Stephanie Kruse opened her firm in June 1991 and is the lead communication and marketing strategist and account planner for all of KPS3’s clients. She received her MBA in marketing and organizational strategy from the University...


Hi Steph. This was really pertinent to the multiple e mails and solicitations that my clients and I have been receiving stating "we'll do anything on your website for $10." I think with everyone's budgets being stretched, the message is VALUE. Thanks!


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