We build brands and create technology that move people to action.

Our tools are vast, our skills are sharp.

KPS3 goes far beyond any normal definition of a marketing company, PR firm or digital agency. We handle large-scale advertising and branding campaigns, we build enterprise-level web and mobile applications, and we can train a room full of executives from across the country how to handle the media.

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Healthcare Case Study

Nevada Health Link

We partnered with the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange to help them navigate the uncharted waters of the Affordable Care Act. Together, we built a brand from scratch, communicated a complex idea to a skeptical audience and drove tens of thousands to sign up for health insurance. The results to date are the proof of sound research, focused creative and unconventional - yet impactful - tactics.

Case Study


Rebrand a company, convert its software to SAAS and launch a mobile app? We’re game. Over the course of two years, KPS3 helped turn PlascoTrac into Hero -- a consumer-friendly, fun and robust company, ready to help schools tackle the problems they face in behavior and visitor management.

Case Study

Dermody Properties

Business-to-business marketing isn’t always sexy, but it sure is a fun challenge (well, for us at least). For the past 20 years, we have handled all elements of branding, advertising, web and public relations for Dermody Properties, a national industrial developer headquartered in Nevada.

Education Case Study

University of Nevada, Reno

We teamed up with the internal team at UNR for their new website design. We took everything we knew about standard higher-education websites and created a new playbook -- one that focused on the University’s core objective: attracting new students. We debated every idea, every photo, every line of code to produce a website that is truly best-in-class, on desktop, tablet and phone.


Our Thoughts

KPS3 Team Takes Home Two AMA ACE Awards

We’re so proud to announce that our team was awarded Best in Web and Digital and Best Integrated Marketing Strategy Awards at the Reno-Tahoe American Marketing Association (AMA) 2015 Ace Awards. Our team received the Best in Web and Digital award for the redesign of kps3.com. In December 2014, we redesigned kps3.com (which you’re looking at right now!) to better showcase our work, case studies and blogs, and to be a helpful resource for prospective clients and future employees. The entire company – from...

Lessons in Design: Font Pairing

I wish I could say there’s an exact science on how to pair fonts well in design – there isn’t. But I’ll break down my method and practices I use everyday. Font choosing can be tricky: use too few and the design can fall flat, use too many and you’ve overwhelmed your reader. It’s about finding the right balance for the piece you’re working on. This isn’t one of those posts where I give you endless examples of which...

8 Tips for Conducting Focus Groups with Patients

For healthcare organizations, there are many reasons to use patient focus groups as a market research tool. Focus groups are a very suitable means of gaining in-depth information about your patients’ experiences and feelings, and they also provide the moderator (and client) an opportunity to observe facial expressions and body language. As with any research tool, there are also downsides to any focus group: they don’t provide quantitative data (which is important for organizations to be aware of in using the results for...